Drop-In Center

If you need some time off the streets, if you’re hungry, want to use the phone or internet, need some clean clothes, a blanket, support and a friendly face, come check out the SPY Drop-In Center.

We know it can be hard to go to a “service” or ask for “help” or “assistance”, so we make it easy and safe. Rest, recharge and meet some of our great staff and volunteers and check out the services and programs you can get involved in.

Surviving on the streets can be tough. Getting some of your basis needs met is a great first step. This is how we can support you to meet these needs:

• Hot meals

• First aid kits

• Food packs to go

• Hygiene products

• Clothes

• Clean socks

• Blankets

• Bus tokens

• Pet food

• Internet

• Phone access

• Mail

• ID/birth certificate services

• Condoms

• Information/referrals to medical, dental, shelter, employment, showers, lockers etc

You can also get involved in different programs:

  • Ongoing or one off counseling for yourself or you and your partner
  • HIV testing
  • Hepatitis C testing
  • Health education groups
  • Drug and alcohol information and support
  • Art group
  • Pet clinic (we know how important your pets are to you and we want to make sure they too are looked after.  Every couple of months The Animal Wellness Foundation runs a pet clinic at the drop-in to provide our 4 legged friends free vaccinations and vouchers to spray/neuter.

Case management:

  • Working on the areas of your life you want to focus on
  • One-on-one care and assistance to meet your self-identified needs
  • Connecting you to different community services and providing support and follow-up
  • Working with your strengths and helping to increase your resiliency
  • Working with you on connecting to medical, mental health, shelter/housing, job training, court support, reconnecting with family members, as well as returning home if its an option