Apr 16, 2014

Suicide Prevention Sheds a Longstanding Taboo

Great article from the New York Times.


Mar 12, 2014

SPY Board Elects New Officers!

At our most recent Advisory Board meeting, the Safe Place for Youth Board elected Nick Driver as the first ever Board President! Congratulations Nick!

Judy Friedman will serve as Vice President and Dorit Reichenstal will be the Secretary.

We are so excited to welcome these outstanding Board members to their new roles as Officers.

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Mar 5, 2014

Serving homeless youth with a continuum of customized care | Crosscut.com

Great story from our neighbors to the North.


Feb 26, 2014


We were so excited to distribute CitPaks to the youth! These amazing backpacks were designed specifically with homeless people in mind. The youth absolutely love them, here are some of their testimonials:

"The built in rain tarp is going to save me a lot. I have lots of papers that I don’t want to get wet."
"This is so cool. I hope it lasts forever."
"These will be great for bike riding."
"It fits all my stuff, even my sleeping bag. It actually looks complicated but I’ll figure it out."
"It looks like a cool messenger bag like the bike messengers use. But it doesn’t move around because of the straps."
"This could even carry a skateboard!"
"This is great, the one I have sucks."
"This backpack is going to help me out so much."
"It fits everything, even my old messed up backpack"
"My favorite thing is the picture of the Chicago skyline."
"I really dig this poncho."
"I bet I could fit everything I have in here."

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Jan 31, 2014

50 People 1 Question: Skid Row

Moving video of people on Skid Row sharing their hopes and dreams

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Jan 6, 2014

$20 Homeless Backpack Care Kit

We really like this couple’s idea of filling backpacks with survival items and handing them out to the homeless people they see out on the street. By doing it in a cost effective way, they’re able to keep the packs at under $20 a piece. Brilliant! 


Dec 29, 2013

Portraits of Homeless

We’re getting really excited for our Face to Face event showcasing portraits of clients from Safe Place for Youth on April 12th at the Santa Monica Museum of Art….. and this article showing amazing portraits of homeless people in England is getting us even more excited!


Dec 23, 2013

Stereotype #7



"Homeless people are bums."


Support House Bill 135. 

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